Commercial Business Insurance Application

By filling out the above business/commercial insurance application, we’ll have a great start to providing a quote proposal for you company. You can expect a call to follow up, with our absolute promise that you will never receive high-pressure sales pitch. Our purpose is to serve our clients and to leave you (regardless if you purchase from us) in a much better position knowledge-wise than before the conversation. 

The reason we included the YouTube Video regarding separate entities is we have many people who call, wanting to start their business without an LLC and plan on operating as a sole proprietor. That may be fine, especially for those that don’t expect to make any income (which is often the case) during the first year. However, once a business person is making much more than $30,000 a year in income, it quickly becomes an easy choice to create a separate entity such as an LLC and take a tax election that is more advantageous over operating as a sole proprietor, with the often unfavorable self-employment taxes sole proprietors may face.  For many clients, simply learning how to save money on tax liability more than pays for their insurance policy. It’s highly satisfying knowing that our approach is to understand the entire business and person and make recommendations based on the information instead of simply trying to sell an insurance policy as quickly as possible and moving on to the next person.