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We Provide Business Insurance that Protects Your Company, So You Can Get Back to Business

Business owner viewing and pointing at sales graphic report and business insurance quoteRunning a business means you have to wear many hats. If the title CEO means Chief Everything Officer, I understand because I've started and operated several businesses over the years.  If you have employees, you know how difficult it is to recruit and retain a top-notch staff. You can turn your business into a quality employee magnet by offering benefits, and at a much lower cost than simply increasing wages.  If your business isn't offering benefits that have a zero company cost, you may want to ask yourself why not.

Business group health insurance is typically the first one to come to mind, however, business auto insurance, and business crime insurance are often more important for the smaller companies seeking insurance coverage to protect against loss.

We Offer a Broad Range of Business Insurance Products To Protect Your Company, You, and Your Employees.

If your business is running on a shoestring budget and not ready for more comprehensive protection strategy today, we offer the basics which include Worker Compensation, liability insurance, and business auto insurance.

Not often, albeit occasionally, a business owner that doesn't want insurance, but is required to because of a contractual obligation they have with another business will declare they've operated for 20 years without a problem and they're never going to have a problem. The appropriate response usually goes along these lines. Yes, while it's true that you've been in business for 20 years, and haven't had to face a lawsuit, it's the very nature of a low risk profile that allows you to have a company put up $1 million for only $__________ (pick an annual premium) per year. Using an annual premium of $2500 as just an example, a business would have to operate for 400 years at that rate without a major loss totaling $1 million before the owner would have paid one dime more than was paid out. That doesn't even account for the much more likely smaller payments from the insurance carrier along the way.

The second part, and many including 1 Reason Insurance believe, that the legal defense provided by the insurance carrier is potentially worth much more than the liability coverage. The rationale is quite simple, while you can control your actions, you can't control others. Some people are what is known as "professional litigants" and they actively look for others to sue. For a professional litigant, if they require a business to do work for them, for example re-side their house, or hire a roofer to replace their home's roof, they're likely seeking out which contractor company is most vulnerable to a lawsuit.  That's where a business insurance policy's "legal defense" comes to the rescue. Even if a business hasn't done anything wrong, other than doing business with the wrong person, legal expenses can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Professional litigants know and count on the high cost of litigation to exploit businesses into either letting them have the goods and/or services for free, or much more. Fortunately, there aren't many that fall into this category, however, they're not as rare as unicorns, and if you're in business long enough, you'll likely run across your fair share. 

It's not black and white neither. There are many shades of gray and some people are more opportunistic and while they weren't seeking to exploit another, when an opportunity to do so arises, they're not afraid to take advantage of the situation. You may know someone like this. They may not be looking to sue someone, but by the way they talk, you get the feeling they look at a lawsuit as more akin to winning the lotto than a true recovery to bring them back to equal. The movie "Office Space" quickly comes to mind.

Fortunately, once again and thank goodness, while more common than professional litigants, opportunistic people are somewhat not common. Although it's hard to tell, because by their nature, if nothing goes wrong, they don't "come out of the woodwork." The point is, that you don't have to do anything wrong to get tangled up in a lawsuit. Moreover, having to pay for your own defense may limit your options. For most businesses that don't want to just survive, and plan on growing and remaining profitable, the choice of having insurance or not really isn't a choice. 

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