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What clients have to say:

Mike T. "I started a business last year and Robert responded to my inquiries immediately, and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable as to the type of insurance coverages I would need to get started. Now its been a year and he now carries All of my coverages! Absolutely the most hands on agent I've ever worked with but hands down the friendliest! I can call him anytime and never feel rushed and not only that but he responded while on a family vacation. I believe in relationships in business and so does Robert by the way he treats his customers. I have a true friend in the business, thank you Robert!"

Lynn R. "Bob is very knowledgeable and has always done a great job explaining different aspects of coverage. He is very accessible and looks out for what is best for the consumer. We highly recommend him!

Justin T. "Excellent agent, always available for answers to insurance related questions. Bob, is the person most people strive to become. Without a doubt, a great person!"

Sebastian T. "I can not begin to tell you how pleased I am with 1 Reason Insurance ! Their responding services is friendly and complete. For the services my company offers to the public it is sure nice to know that we are covered for a reasonable fee. Just having (1 R I ) 1 Reason Insurance there is such piece of mind ! Their insurance plans are strait to the point and easy to understand.
Thanks for the great service 1 Reason Insurance !"

Jeff H. "Very nice and cares about the customer! He was literally the reason why i chose him over other companies for my insurance"

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How To Start a Party Bus Business

Starting a party bus business encompasses many of the same requirements as any business, namely knowing the industry, understanding marketing, being able to properly price your product, scheduling, and of course the big one, customer service. Again, I want to emphasize the importance of customer service. You can have everything perfect, the right bus, the right price, the right availability, and if you fail at customer service, especially in the beginning when your reputation is most Read More

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Payroll Card Program You and Your Employees Will Love – Step by Step How To,

Payroll cards are gaining acceptance and becoming more desirable for both employer and employee. If you're unsure what a payroll card is, think of it as a rechargeable debit card and an employer has the ability to place money into it, albeit not take money out. From an employer's point of view, it's similar in ease as a direct deposit (no checks to print and sign), which of course greatly lowers the cost of processing payroll. For employees that don't want direct Read More

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Can’t Find a Minneapolis Glass Ceiling on Facebook- Is it Missing?

Based on Facebook, the glass ceiling has been removed in Minnesota. Has gender equality arrived in the land of 10,000 lakes? It appears so if you rely on college graduate levels and Facebook demographics. While attempting to target an Audience on Facebook for an article on requirements when hiring employees I recently wrote, I found an interesting set of numbers for Minneapolis that suggests gender isn't a factor in business ownership, and if it is, the answer may not Read More

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Hiring a Subcontractor, What You Need To Know For Insurance

Moving from a one person band to having employees and/or subcontractors working with you can be a significant and unexpected change for many business owners. On one hand, with more people, larger and sometimes more profitable contracts can be earned, and having other hands on the job can make quicker and more efficient work when do correctly. Like most things in life, the upside to having people work for you doesn't come without its fair share of drawbacks. Recruiting quality Read More

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Self-Employed Contractor Bookkeeping Online Including QuickBooks Software

Self-Employed Contractor Online Bookkeeping Service For the Single Member LLC All your typical self-employed bookkeeping requirements including your Federal Schedule C for only $79.95 a month.     If you're a self-employed contractor working for a 1099, you're already busy working a full work week, and if you're like most, the last thing you want to do is learn how to perform bookkeeping at the end of a long day. Read More

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Plumber Insurance For Plumbing Contractors and Businesses

Your Trusted Advisor For Plumbing Insurance Including General Liability, Workers' Compensation, Commercial Auto, Property, and Business Owners Policy (BOP) Insurance As a plumber in business for yourself, your most valuable asset is your reputation. Responsible plumbers that care about their business and their clients should have plumbing insurance to protect clients, and to make sure one small issue doesn't derail your entire plumbing business. Plumbing insurance Read More

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy with Only 10% Downpayment – Even Assigned Risk Plans

Get or Renew a Minnesota Assigned Risk Workers' Compensation Insurance Policy With Only a 10% Down payment Normally, the Minnesota Assigned Risk Plan (also known as the "Workers's Comp Pool") policies require at least 35% down, and up to 100% of the estimated total annual premium at the time of binding the policy. For many employers, especially those in the Assigned Risk Plan, that's simply not possible, and for almost all Minnesota employers, it Read More

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Take Care of Your Clients, Or Someone Else Will

Customer Service consists of many important attributes, if you fail to provide each and every one, you will fail to reach your full potential Appreciation - Do you and your staff fully appreciate your clients? If so, how do they know it? Value - Do you and your staff offer value they can't find elsewhere? If so, how do they know it? Communication - Are you able to predict when a client will want to communicate, and/or are you surprising them with above Read More

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Payroll Service for Small Businesses Employers

Small Business Payroll Service from 1 Reason Payroll You're busy enough running your business, the last thing you want is to learn another skillset that you won't use enough to justify your time, money, and energy learning. Besides, accounting mistakes can cost you much more than any amount saved. Payroll Services With Time Clock One Employee : $25.99 USD - monthlyTwo Employees : $32.99 USD - monthlyThree Read More

2017 I-9 – Employment Eligibility Verification Download For New Employees

2017 I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification Download For New Employees Here's the form for your easy download ----->   I-9 Fillable Form     I-9 Paper Version For Printing If you want a W-4 form, click HERE   And to learn more about W-4 Forms, Click HERE Form I-9 is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of people hired for employment in the United States. All U.S. employers are required to ensure Read More

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Form W-4 – Information for Employers Wanting to Hire an Employee

What is a W-4 form? A W-4 is an IRS form that let's employers know how much they should deduct from the employee's pay for things that include federal and state income tax. Employees fill out the form with their name, social security number, home address, marital status, number of allowances (generally children, but others may qualify), additional withholding desired. Ideally, Employers should require employees to fill out the form before starting work. Read More

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10 Reasons Why You’re Losing Sales That You Might Have Made

In a world of online shopping and the greatest price transparency ever, it may seem logical that price is what drives a buyer's decision making, but some things never change, and one of them is price isn't the most important factor in a buyer's mind. Many salespeople seem to forget, or maybe they never understood in the first place that price, and especially the lowest price can actually work against you. Having the lowest price signals to the buyer that your offer is Read More

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Business Website Review For Free In Wisconsin

At the end of this post I give instructions on receiving a free review of your Wisconsin small business website that includes actions you can do yourself. Does your website make you money or cost you money? Many business owners, especially those starting out view their website as a necessary cost of doing business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Websites are your storefront in today's digital age and should present your products and services in the best Read More

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Duty To Mitigate – What Do I Need To Do After An Accident?

If you suffer a loss that's not your fault or is mostly someone else's fault, you have rights and obligations, and understanding what your obligations are and reasonably performing your obligations can be a significant help towards protecting your rights. In other words, even when you haven't done anything wrong, you may have new obligations you didn't even think about, and more importantly, if you don't follow through, you may not recover your loss from either the party Read More

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Workers’ Compensation Ghost Policy In Minnesota

For many contractors, buying a Minnesota workers' compensation insurance ghost policy means buying one through the Minnesota Workers' Compensation Assigned Risk Plan, commonly called "the pool".  763-710-8808 For a workers' compensation ghost policy, call now It's an insurance policy no one wants to buy, and for good reason, it provides zero benefit to the policy owner. The only reason we sell them is because sub contractors are often required Read More

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Workers’ Comp Requirements – Untangling the Confusion

Workers' Comp Requirements In Wisconsin in basic form with a focus on contractors and sub-contractors. Untangling the confusion between having a workers' comp insurance requirement and adding payroll to your commercial business general liability insurance policies. This isn't a substitute for speaking with an employment attorney and other experts, but hopefully this will help you better understand what may be required of your firm if you're deciding on Read More

Starting a Corporation or Limited Liability Company In Wisconson

Starting a Corporation or Limited Liability Company In Wisconsin and receiving a federal employer identification number isn't very difficult if you know where to find the forms and state information.  I provide so many people with links to the various website portals that I decided to create a post that people can easily use to get their business started as a corporation or limited liability company LLC. The first step is figuring out what type of entity Read More


5 Cheap and Easy Ways To Improve Your Website SEO Performance Right Now

Search engine optimization and ranking can appear overwhelming at times. Business owners I talk to fall into two camps. The first are owners who grudgingly pay their web hosting bill each month because they believe they need to have a website. Their websites generate little or no business and is more or less "set it and forget it". These owners don't know how much traffic or business, they receive as a result of their website. Reviewing traffic patterns Read More

USAA Invests in Comprehensive Cloud-Native Insurance Core System Socotra

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Socotra, creator of the first cloud-based, productized insurance core platform, announced today a strategic investment from a subsidiary of financial services provider, USAA, joining previous investors CrunchFund, Founders Fund, Greenoaks Capital, SciFi VC, SV Angel and Vulcan Capital, as well as angel investors Ron Conway, Michael Ovitz and Joe Lonsdale. Terms of the investment were not disclosed. “Current insurance IT infrastructures Read More


Highwoods Prices $350 Million of 4.125% Notes Due 2028

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Highwoods Properties, Inc. (NYSE:HIW) today announced that Highwoods Realty Limited Partnership, the operating partnership through which the Company conducts its operations, has priced a $350 million offering of 4.125% unsecured notes under its existing shelf registration statement. The notes are due March 15, 2028 and were priced to yield 4.271%. The offering is expected to close on March 5, 2018, subject to customary closing Read More

James River Announces Fourth Quarter and Year End 2017 Results

Fourth Quarter Net Income of $0.2 million -- $0.01 per diluted share, and Adjusted Net Operating Income of $4.1 million -- $0.13 per diluted share Full Year Adjusted Net Operating Return on Average Tangible Equity of 9.7% During the quarter, $29.8 million of unfavorable development in the Excess and Surplus Lines segment, driven by one large account in one prior underwriting year 85.5% growth in Gross Fee Income as compared to the prior year quarter; on a full year basis Gross Fee Read More