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Change Number of Recently Viewed in SuiteCRM SuiteP Theme Sidebar

After the update of SuiteCRM to all but mandatory use of the SuiteP theme, I've spent way too much time trying to fix things. One of the problems is the number of Recently Viewed items. Five items, and not even five accounts is a real problem for someone who looks at many things Read More

List of Changes I Want to Make to SuiteCRM

Just a list of things I want to edit/change and/or improve with SuiteCRM for my own purpose of remembering as I come across them. In no particular order, and if you're reading this and know of the way, I would greatly appreciate learning your solution. SuiteCRM is good Read More

SuiteCRM installing New Modules Problem Solved

SuiteCRM installing New Modules Error "Specified directory '' for zip file 'upload://upgrades/module/' extraction does not exist." including a log file error of "...[FATAL] ERROR: rmdir_recursive(): Read More