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Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestby feather serves about 10,000 pages views on any given month, and continues to grow quarter over quarter and quarter over the same period last year since 2014.

Our audience is all 50 states, and while we're based in Wisconsin, we receive more traffic in Florida, Texas, California, New York, Illinois, and several other states than Wisconsin.

If you would like to be a guest contributor, here's some of what we look for:

Non-promotional. If you want to write an ad for your business or service, we're probably not the venue.

The article must add value for our readers. Subjects that work especially well include many industries beyond insurance, and include real estate, investing, business ownership, contractors (carpentry, cement, roofing, sheet rocking, etc…) and related subjects.

The content must be a minimum of 650 words, (ideally 650-900 words) and if you're thinking of more than 1000 words, please seek approval of your outline first.

One promotional link directed outside of the domain is allowed if it's not within the first 400 words. Articles that include an image are preferred. 

Content must be unique and written by you directly, or you must have the sole and only copyright to the content.

Content must be error free and ready for publication. Should be in size 18 font.

If your desire is to build up your portfolio and not have a promotional link to another domain, there's no charge.

If your desire is to promote another site, an exclusive picture is required, or we will obtain one for the article at a cost of $50.

1 Reason retains full editorial control, and you agree to give 1 Reason an exclusive non-revocable lifetime license to publish the content.

Submissions are taken at submissions @ 1reason dot com    Please remove the spaces and the word "dot" and replace it with a "."




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