Snowmobile Insurance

Regardless of experience in years or skill level, just about everyone operating a snowmobile should have snowmobile insurance. Hitting the trails without adequate insurance coverage could mean you are unprotected against medical payments for bodily injury and collision costs for property damage in the event of an accident. 1 Reason Insurance offers many types of snowmobile coverage  if you're in Wisconsin, Michigan, or Minnesota. Other states also.

Let us help you can choose the best policy for your lifestyle, sled, and budget.

Many people think placing their snowmobile coverage on their homeowner's policy is a good idea. It's true that sometimes you can save a few dollars doing so, but if you have a claim, then you have a claim on your homeowner's policy instead of a stand-alone snowmobile policy. That's why I often believe a snowmobile policy should be on it's own and separate from a homeowner's policy.

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