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Duty To Mitigate – What Do I Need To Do After An Accident?

Michael Weinstein Mad

If you suffer a loss that's not your fault or is mostly someone else's fault, you have rights and obligations, and understanding what your obligations are and reasonably performing your obligations can be a significant help towards protecting your rights. In other words, even Read More

What Does Implead or Impleader Mean

Implead - To sue or legally prosecute a person, people, or entitiy (LLC, corporation etc...) Implead is a term you may see related to insurance because it's often used to describe (especially in legalese) the action of one party, called the plaintiff prosecuting (suing) a Read More

What Is a DEC Page?

What Is a DEC Page? An insurance policy shifts stated risks from a person or business to an insurance company. Because insurance policies can easily consist of dozens of pages of legal specification, insurance companies developed "Declaration Pages", commonly called Read More

What Is A Lien Holder

What's a Lien Holder? When a bank, credit union, financing company, or even a person loans money they will often want security in property to protect their loan in case of default. The theory goes that if the person borrowing money can't pay the loan back, at least Read More

Wisconsin Car Insurance Requirements

Wisconsin Auto Insurance Guidelines and Requirements Since June 2010, motorists in Wisconsin have been required to have auto insurance. At the time Wisconsin passed the mandatory insurance requirement, 48 other states required car insurance, with New Hampshire remaining as the Read More

What is Waiver of Subrogation Insurance Endorsement

Waiver of subrogation is when one party (usually an insurance company) gives up the right to recover a paid loss against another party in the event a loss occurs. In order to fully understand what Waiver of Subrogation is, let's look at the parts. Waiver - Abandoning, Read More