It was a tough game with many close calls that shifted a very narrow outcome that literally could have gone either way right up until the end.

Friday night’s game also brought Old Man Winter in no uncertain terms. I personally had about 342 layers on and I can’t even imagine how cold the boys with exposed skin must have felt on the sidelines with temperatures cold enough for snow to fall during part of the game.

Which brings me to my first point regarding the images, you’ll notice what appears on some to be “dust” or “something” on the lens with many. That’s not dust, it’s snow and I shifted the shutter speed in some to highlight the snow falling to provide some perspective on the cold both teams had to contend with.

While I didn’t get some of the bigger plays this game (can’t get them all no matter what), I did manage to catch a lucky break now and then. I’ve been trying to convince the anyone who’ll listen the importance of advising me what the next play is, to no avail…. Not that it would matter much because there is a certain element of luck anyway.

I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I did taking them.


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