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Robert Weinstein is a husband, dad, stock market junkie, real estate broker, and of course...Insurance agent. Interests include my family, economics, marketing, technology, real estate, finance/investing, history, and Asia.

Robert's insurance expertise includes having the designation of Certified in Long-Term Care (CLTC) and assist in asset protection for families with members entering retirement.

Robert is also an accomplished syndicated writer whose work can be found in TheStreet, MainStreet, CNBC, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, MSN Money, The Money Show, Stock Saints, Motley Fool, Fidelity, Minyanville, RealMoney Pro, and many national and international newspapers.

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Business Website Review For Free In Wisconsin

Small boy pushing manual lawn mower

At the end of this post I give instructions on receiving a free review of your Wisconsin small business website that includes actions you can do yourself. Does your website make you money or cost you money? Many business owners, especially those starting out view their Read More

Duty To Mitigate – What Do I Need To Do After An Accident?

Michael Weinstein Mad

If you suffer a loss that's not your fault or is mostly someone else's fault, you have rights and obligations, and understanding what your obligations are and reasonably performing your obligations can be a significant help towards protecting your rights. In other words, even Read More

What To Do At The Scene Of An Auto Accident

Model T crash with chain to pull it

Few things in life are more stressful than taking part of a car accident. One proven way to lower your stress, and perhaps your expense at the same time is to have a plan of action when and if you're in a car accident. Keep in mind each accident is unique, and so you may Read More

1L Torts Flashcards

[qdeck] [q] What is Trespass to Land? [a] Trespass to land usually requires an intentional entry upon land of another without consent or legal privilege.  1. Intentional 2. Entry 3. Property 4. Of another [q] What is Read More

Adult Store and Novelty General Liability and Workers’ Comp Insurance

Adult retail sales is tough enough without having concerns over general liability, workers' comp, and property insurance making things more complicated. We offer insurance solutions to the adult industry that are designed with your requirements and needs in mind. Not only are we Read More

Youtube Video of Michael’s Pack 88 Oct 2016 Four At-A-Time Races

Michael's car had a chance to run in many heats,giving me a chance to watch the car in action. Proof that even a modest simple car can perform well. His is blue with gold lightning bolts "34". Axles were not sanded and very little wheel prep in general. It was thin and a Read More

Michaels Pack 88 Fun Run Pinewood Derby Race Car


            Number 34, that's the number we received when we checked in. I didn't think it would be that fast, and in fact, I was expecting it to display a poor performance overall. No Read More

Workers’ Compensation Ghost Policy In Minnesota

Ghost Walking Up stairs during the civil war

For many contractors, buying a Minnesota workers' compensation insurance ghost policy means buying one through the Minnesota Workers' Compensation Assigned Risk Plan, commonly called "the pool".  763-710-8808 For a workers' compensation ghost policy, Read More

General Liability Vs. Professional Liability Insurance

What is the difference between general liability and professional liability? General liability and professional liability may seem similar at the surface level, but cover very different types of liabilities. The easiest way I think we can illustrate the difference is to first Read More

What Does Implead or Impleader Mean

Implead - To sue or legally prosecute a person, people, or entitiy (LLC, corporation etc...) Implead is a term you may see related to insurance because it's often used to describe (especially in legalese) the action of one party, called the plaintiff prosecuting (suing) a Read More

Business Content Blog and Social Media Copywriter

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1 Reason Insurance is seeking talented, friendly, creative, energetic, compassionate, caring, fun and thoughtful SEO content copywriters to create awesome and engaging content to drive users to our and our client's web properties. Once the content consumers have arrived, Read More

Power Washer Contractor Business – Why You Need Insurance

Many people starting, or even already operating a power washer, or pressure washer business don't think or realize how important it is to have commercial insurance. Surprisingly, many pressure washer services think (at their own peril) nothing can happen and they are Read More