Eau Claire Memorial Old Abes hosted Chippewa Falls Monday

This was one of the tougher games for the JV team this year. In a nutshell, the ball didn’t bounce favorably at key moments, and while I need to confirm, I’m pretty sure Jupiter and Mars weren’t lined up properly neither, albeit I’ll get back to you later with my findings.

For those playing the home game wondering why it’s hard (or impossible) capturing great pictures from the stands, comparing and contrasting this set of images with last Friday’s  Varsity match in Chippewa Falls should leave little doubt positioning is key.

These were taken right at the field of battle, selfishly risking life and limb, while totally, unconditionally, and relentlessly exposing myself dangerously close to enemy fire, and I might add, simultaneously dropping down to my knees to position the players heroically (yes, surprisingly perhaps, the knee pads were more than a fashion statement to highlight to my wife what kind of guy she married). 

On the other hand, Friday’s Varsity game was primarily shot from the stands, well over 40 feet away, while also elevated from the nearest sidelines. Net result, I think you’ll agree these are clearer and superior than Friday’s despite better lighting at Chippewa and more opportunities to capture big plays.

Using that thought as a guide, I think this game is a win because the memories revived from the images will last longer than the memory of the score. I hope you agree and enjoy… (each clickable dot is a page)

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