Game pictures, American Sniper style…I’ll dive into why in a moment, albeit I want to express my thanks first.
I lost count on how many people stopped to say thanks and/or to ask how Brenton was doing and expressing their best wishes. Brenton, Lori, and I are all very grateful. Brenton doesn’t require surgery at this time, and his prognosis is as good as we could hope for. I was humbled, thank you.
Going back to my American Sniper analogy, as any deer hunter will attest, the further away a target is, the harder it is to hit. In photography, hitting the target means capturing focus, or the picture is worthless. While lighting and other factors are manipulated later to bring out the best, you simply can’t edit an image into focus.
Interestingly, I found Chippewa lighting better than Eau Claire (players may disagree), helping greatly. Side note… never use a flash during the action of a football game. It doesn’t help (for technical reasons beyond the scope here), and more importantly, a flash can cause a player to miss.
Shooting behind a chest-high fence is limiting to begin with, however, Chippewa has a track around their field, pushing spectators back further, and one endzone isn’t even accessible. Net result, every shot further than desired. Unfortunately, many potentially great ones weren’t worth uploading that otherwise would have been, due to distance and/or obstructions.  Great game to watch, just much fun to post edit.
I edited and uploaded many out of focus and grainy shots because as a parent, that’s still better than nothing.
The flip side and good news is that I hit a decent number of shots in focus and near enough, and because lighting was relatively favorable, we have a few for your review. Also, you’ll notice I planted myself in the stands in the second half because moving from endzone to endzone (requiring travel behind the stands) was inefficient, and with little kids (and not such little kids) running at night in close proximity to me transitioning I started to fear for my equipment (or their heads and bodies).
There’s really no safe place to shoot football, albeit large heavy lenses don’t play well in crowds/stands, or through cheerleaders moving about in the visitor section during our home games.
So, on that note, thank you for reviewing and all the positive feedback, albeit I’ll probably make this my last varsity game. I intend to shoot JV where I can position myself next to the field (it’s more fun when you can get great shots), so you haven’t gotten rid of me yet….
I hope you enjoy these and Go Old Abes!!

































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