Eau Claire Memorial Hosted Eau Claire North JV Football 10/7/19 Page 1

Wow, what a game. In what appeared to have a real possibility of “double overtime” (my words, not really sure how to categorize and articulate the shootout happening before me), the game ended in North winning by two extra point points. Make no mistake, I was pulling for the Old Abes, albeit I did find myself thinking about Friday night’s game blowout and the lift Monday’s game must have given to the up and coming players for North. As a parent watching my son play more than one season in search of a win, I can relate. 

My wife says I’m only trying to make a fashion statement with the knee-pads, however, I do think positioning lower helps to not only capture more faces, but also make the players appear more heroic (at least that’s what the YouTube video said). Hopefully, you’ll agree because at my age, my knees aren’t going along with this idea absent feedback….lol

Thanks again for allowing me to take a few shots of the boys this season and especially to the coaching staff for tolerating one more distraction near the field.

I have only one request if you like the pictures. Make a donation to the football program and/or booster club etc… And please tell the coaches, because they’re the ones allowing me on the field.

Brenton and I will be back in full form next year.

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