Eau Claire Memorial JV at Superior 9/16/19

Just when you think it’s safe to go watch your kid play some football….
(Feel free to skip the non-game commentary if you just want football pics as I only address Brenton’s injury).
Usually, I’ve greatly enjoyed watching the game through editing the pictures (you don’t really get to see the game much though a viewfinder), and it was my way of attempting to become part of the Old Abe Football family. As someone late to the game (cheesy pun I know) with Brenton first starting to play relatively recently, I looked for a way to immerse myself, and photography was my path. You can’t help but learn the players when you see their faces and numbers time and again.
This week was admittedly very different. I haven’t posted (although my intention was at some point to do so) the originals, so it’s a challenge to ascertain the amount of post-production editing, however, each picture posted receives a fair amount of considerable adjustment, regardless of who’s in it.
When editing the many pictures of B’s tackle, I found myself as any parent would, wanting, hoping, wishing, yearning for a different outcome. Not unlike watching a historical movie where a character’s slight move to the left or right totally changes the ending. Usually, except for most of the B&W images (which is done to save an image I think a parent would like to have but the image has issues), I haven’t gone over the top trying to get too “artsy,” albeit this week, I attempted to convey my melancholy and despondency. I hope you’ll grant me quarter in doing so.
That said, I’m a big fan of knowing life is what you make of it, and Lori and I fully intend to make lemonade and instill all the possible life lessons we’re able to Brenton, so he grows and benefits from Monday night.
Now after all that, and as crazy as this may first sound, Monday night was also the best night of football I attended. The amount of compassion, concern, and willingness to help in any way when I walked up to the parents in a somewhat confused state of mind to ask for assistance was humbling, overwhelming, and moving.
I’m sure I’m forgetting people, albeit both Brenton and I want to offer our special heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Redwine and Mr. Nemitz for all their efforts in minimizing Brenton’s pain (along with making things for his dad very easy).
The way others who drove all that way to watch their sons play, ignored the game and stepped up to offer, help, rides and use of their vehicles to ensure we could quickly go to the hospital left a lasting impression and no doubt the Old Abe family is truly something very special and an incredible blessing to have the honor of being a part of.  Thank you Coach for taking the time to reach out and talk to Brenton afterwards, especially when you had 137 other issues to address, it meant a lot. And thank you Old Abe family again from Brenton, Lori, and I.




























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