Eau Claire Memorial JV Football team hosted their first home game of the season against La Crosse Central. It was a great action-packed match bringing a refreshing excitement from start to finish. The Old Abes were in control during the entire home game, making it especially fun to watch, albeit never to a point where worry was allowed to exit the parent’s thoughts (at least not mine). 

I was lucky enough to snap off a few pictures and I’m sharing them here for all the parents and players. 

There’s a few pages (with link buttons on the bottom to go to the next page) and remember that if you want to see a higher resolution version, just click on the image. Also, they’re not all in order, and I’m working on that issue. Lastly, it’s optimized for mobile with the device sideways.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did watching the game.

Go Abes!!

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