Eau Claire Memorial Ninth Grade Football Hosted Hudson 10/10/19

I think the game started early, as I planned on getting to the field a few minutes before, albeit by 4:40 action had started and a quick look at the game clock indicated about two minutes into the first quarter passed, so I didn’t catch the opening kick.

It wasn’t raining much until near the end of the first half, and then it started coming down. I waiting in my truck during the half and start of the third quarter to see if the rain would pass, albeit it didn’t, so I went home. 


I left thinking I didn’t get much, however, I was pleased to see it wasn’t for naught, as we have over 100 pictures for your review. Not as many as would have been obtained if the weather was more cooperative, but getting a little lucky in my positioning didn’t hurt and mitigated some of the time limits. Many took some time to pull the color out as the sun was behind clouds, but that also makes for a nicer even looking images that’s not blown-out by over exposure.


If you click on any given image, you’ll go to a higher resolution version. Also, when you shoot one game for only (part of) a half, you’re going to miss capturing images of many players (maybe most??), however, I did include some pictures that aren’t as good as I would normally have for my cut-off off point so more of the boys would at least be included somewhere, and included less-detailed shots for the same reason as I wanted to include as many as possible. 


I’m only shooting one more football game this year, albeit you may still want to sign up for updates because I plan on shooting next year too, as well as make highlights of some of the images using cool effects etc..


I hope you’ll enjoy them. If you do, please tell my wife who puts up with me being in front of a computer editing and buying all sorts of camera related “things.”  : 0 )  

Go Old Abes!!

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