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You made it to the last page.

After about 20+ hours or more of work, I’m going to call it good right here. In total, I took over 1500 pictures, then edited what I felt was best from a visual point of view (likely, in the virtual waste basket of unused film, there’s a few pictures a parent or two may want, and you just have to ask for the “pile” and you can go through and take what you want).

If your son played, and you don’t see his picture, it’s likely because of a few reasons. One, my first priority is to capture shots of my son (it makes my wife happy to see him in action and of course that makes me happy). Second, the clouds came and went a LOT, causing many good pictures to require extensive time-consuming editing I don’t have time to do (anyone that wants to go through the RAW files is welcome to do so if they provide a 64 GB USB card), and finally, I have a tendency to talk with those around me (my wife will more than confirm that trait about me), so I miss some of the best shots.

That said, you’re welcome to reach out with his number, or if nothing else, you’ll likely see him in future games.

Lastly, you may ask why I choose to use my own website for the hosting. It wasn’t my first or second choice. The simple answer is it was the only one I could upload what I wanted, in the quality I wanted.  That said, for many viewers, lower quality would be fine because the pictures are only viewed on a phone, however, I wanted it to look better than “ok” on my monitors, which admittedly are much larger than most, and a world of difference from looking on a mobile device.