It was a lot of fun to watch our boys on the gridiron over at Carlson Park. I managed to snap a few pictures and I hope you find a few of your son. Uploading massive amounts of football pictures online is new for me, so please forgive the “construction dust” as I discover the optimal strategy.  I optimized the page for mobile and CLICKING AN IMAGE WILL OPEN A NEW WINDOW with higher resolution.
Please note even the higher resolution pictures are heavily compressed and downsized, so what you’re able see here isn’t nearly as good as the originals. I have the original files in “RAW” format, so if there’s a picture you’re really fond of, drop me an email and I’ll provide a link (the originals are often over 8 Meg, and many email programs won’t accept a file that large). There’s NO RHYME or REASON in the order. I might be able to improve sorting in possible future picture posts.
There’s a total of six pages with links at the bottom and tops of pages. And please allow me to apologize in advance for the over-representation of my son’s pictures. 





















































































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