Eau Claire Memorial at Eau Claire North 10/4/19

The Eau Claire Memorial Old Abes took another victory lap Friday night against Eau Claire North with a score of 35-10.

As a reminder, pictures that are either black and white, or have an “artistic” look to them are generally images that couldn’t make the cut on their own due to repeating, lighting or other issues, albeit I thought they should get uploaded.

For a game I didn’t think I was capturing much action, I took about 2000 shots, and these are the ones that made the final cut. 

I wanted and intended to also upload all the pictures, however, I don’t think time is going to allow me to do so. And given the amount of the originals that made the cut, I don’t think it’s worth it from a viewer standpoint neither.

Getting lower to the ground seems to be paying dividends. Many more faces are in these than before, despite the poor lighting at Carson Park.

Thanks again for all the positive feedback, it means a lot, and I hope you enjoy this group as much as before.

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