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Robert Weinstein is a husband, dad, stock market junkie, real estate broker, and of course...Insurance agent. Interests include my family, economics, marketing, technology, real estate, finance/investing, history, and Asia.

Robert's insurance expertise includes having the designation of Certified in Long-Term Care (CLTC) and assist in asset protection for families with members entering retirement.

Robert is also an accomplished syndicated writer whose work can be found in TheStreet, MainStreet, CNBC, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, MSN Money, The Money Show, Stock Saints, Motley Fool, Fidelity, Minyanville, RealMoney Pro, and many national and international newspapers.

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How To Start a Limited Liability Company LLC In Minnesota


If you're thinking of starting a business or changing your sole proprietorship into an LLC, you most likely have a name for your business. If not you will want to think of one that you believe will capture what your business is about. All Limited Liability Companies, more Read More

A Few Rules For Construction Site Protective Equipment

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Top 10 Tips for Grilling with Propane and Charcoal

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What is Waiver of Subrogation Insurance Endorsement

Waiver of subrogation is when one party (usually an insurance company) gives up the right to recover a paid loss against another party in the event a loss occurs. In order to fully understand what Waiver of Subrogation is, let's look at the parts. Waiver - Abandoning, Read More

Starting a Corporation or Limited Liability Company In Wisconson

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Small Business Insurance, What Are The Chances You Will Use It?

As a commercial insurance agent, I'm reminded often that most business owners don't believe there's a good chance that they ever use the insurance they buy. Because of that feeling, it's often not so much of a risk transfer strategy for businesses buying insurance, Read More

Crazy Ways That People Die and a Video of 10 Horrible Ways To Die

Color coded map of the United States illustrating the most distinctive causes of death by state

As a commercial/business (think key-man) life insurance salesperson, I'm always surprised to learn the many ways people "check out". For example, did you know that having a swimming pool at your home is more dangerous than having a gun? Taking a shower is risky Read More