Commercial Auto Insurance Quote Information Required – List Only

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In order to provide a commercial auto quote, your insurance agent will ask the following (and maybe more) in order to fully understand your operation and to get the best price and value  possible for your commercial auto insurance policy. This is the list-only version, but if you would like descriptions and more information about many of the terms, CLICK HERE for the list with commentary.

  •  Previous Signed Commercial Auto Applications  
  • Certificates of Insurance (COI), and Declaration Pages (DEC) 
  • Vehicle Information – includes the following:

VIN number




Special characteristics

Radius of operations (usually broken into ranges that include 50, 100,200,500, and unlimited)

Current odometer mileage

Miles per year

Year purchased / purchased new or not

Comprehensive insurance coverage and if so, the deductible

Collision insurance coverage and if so the deductible 

  • Federal and or State insurance Filings
  • Schedule of Drivers:

Full first and last name

Driver's license number

Driver's license state of issue

What age first licensed

Has commercial driver's license (CDL)? If so, when issued

Date of Birth

Date originally licensed

Accidents, claims, and violations 

Which vehicle driver is mostly likely to drive / assigned to

Miles per year

  • Any major cities traveling to/from (this includes LA, Chicago, NY, Miami, etc…)
  • Amount of liability coverage including bodily injury and property
  • Location of vehicles 
  • Cargo Coverage
  • Do you haul your own cargo exclusively?
  • Do you operate in more than one state?
  • Do you operate over a regular route?
  • Do you haul any hazardous or extra hazardous substances or materials as defined by EPA?
  • Do you have workmans' comp coverage for employees that are driving?
  • A Loss Run Report if you already have coverage 

There's actually more depending on your type of operation, and again, if you're wondering what some of the terms mean, I discuss many of the insurance terms HERE





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