NAICS 485310 Taxi Service Industry Class Code

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Companies within this industry are focused and engaged in providing passenger transportation services by automobile or van, not operated over regular routes and on regular schedules. 

Taxicab owner/operators, taxicab fleet operators, or taxicab organizations businesses are included in this industry.

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Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in– 

  • Providing special needs transportation services (except to and from school or work) for the infirm, elderly, or handicapped–are classified in liability class code 485991, Special Needs Transportation;
  • Offering limousine services, also known as livery –are classified within class code 485320, Limousine Service; and
  • Service providers offering scheduled shuttle services between hotels, airports, or other set destination points–are classified in liability class code 485999, All Other Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation.
  • Does not include Party Buses

Keep in mind that the codes apply towards general liability, and don't include commercial auto liability, which is a seperate type of insurance product. While a taxi may have the greatest risk for causing injury while the vehicle is moving, taxi's also face general liability exposure for other various reasons including when a passenger is entering or exiting the taxi cab.

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  Corresponding Index Entries
485310   485310   485310   Cab (i.e., taxi) services
485310   485310   485310   Taxicab dispatch services
485310   485310   485310   Taxicab fleet operators
485310   485310   485310   Taxicab organizations
485310   485310   485310   Taxicab owner-operators
485310   485310   485310   Taxicab services


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