Power Washer Insurance

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Power Washing Commercial Insurance 

Business insurance for pressure washing services is a must-have if you're going to be taken seriously as a professional operation. If you're new in business, it can be tough paying for a commercial general liability insurance policy when it appears you have more bills than income, but don't discount the need. If your power washing business doesn't have insurance, you may spend a year or two (or more) building your business, only to see it vaporize over one accident that may not even be your fault.

Most power washers clean items that include monuments, cars, buildings, cars, windows among many other items that can use a "good scrubbing". Most of these items have parts that can break from just one small mistake. While most power washers use cold water, especially smaller units, some larger units heat the water first, and while that has great characteristics for cleaning, it can also raise your risk of damage for many items. 

Regardless if your business has a small electric powered power washer and your a one-person band, or a company with many employees using power units with multiple connections powered by a large gas engine, if you're in the power washing business, you certainly have some risk. Risks that many power washing businesses may not even think about include slip-and-falls from the standing water created from the power washer.  

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Hidden defects are another concern for power washers. Without insurance, if your business gets caught up in a small claims or circuit court claim, you're likely going to need an attorney to defend you. This is especially true if your business and or you have assets that make your washing business a target from litigators. A window could be ready to break or a part on a object your power washing could be little more than a strong breeze away from breaking. Once you start blasting the part with pressurized water, the part flies off, or breaks and the owner is blaming you, even though it would have likely happened during the next wind storm on its own.

That's why you want business commercial general liability insurance for your power washing business. If your business is located in Michigan, Minnesota, or Wisconsin, 1 Reason Insurance can provide a low-cost general liability policy that will cover accidents. If your business has enough tools and equipment to warrant property coverage, you'll want to get what's known as Inland Marine insurance protection.

Inland Marine insurance is different than standard business personal property insurance.  Business personal property coverage generally covers business property while it's located at the main building and not anywhere else. Inland Marine coverage protects your business property while it's at a different location, for example, at the job site. 

Most general liability policies 1 Reason Insurance offers have a $1 million limit. At least in the sense of "normal" or standard. It's the sweet spot between the price and value for most small businesses. Those with employees will want workers' comp, and maybe $2 million in general liability limits, simply because the cost isn't much more and you're doubling the amount of coverage.

To read more about power washing commercial insurance, click HERE to read another article I wrote about this business class.

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