Insurance Sales Professional – Work From Home or our Office

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1 Reason Insurance is seeking outgoing, customer centric sales professionals to join as work-from-home agents. As a 1 Reason Insurance agent, you will build and develop commercial lines and some personal lines relationships within your licensed state(s) for products including workers’ comp, commercial general liability, commercial auto, and home and life insurance.

What 1 Reason Insurance will provide:

  • Prospects that want to talk to you. You can cold call if you want, but you’ll be so busy following up on the leads we provide, you probably won’t have time. We believe your focus is to talk to people that want to talk to you, not try to convince someone to look at your offer when they’re not in a buying mood.
  • The ability to set your hours and days. – If you want to take every Tuesday off, that’s your choice and is perfectly fine. Want to work 15 hours one week and 60 the next? That’s ok too.
  • Higher compensation – You’re not wasting your time speaking to people that don’t want to talk about insurance, so you’re selling more. The agency saves money by not having an office and shares the savings with you.
  • Keep more of your money – Think about how much time, gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and professional clothes cost you each year for you to arrive at the office. By working from home, your commute is down the hallway or less. For many agents, the savings is measured in thousands of dollars a year. The time you spend driving now can be spent on your family or the phone selling.
  • Great technology – 1 Reason believes technology is the key to efficiency, which creates a better customer experience, higher income for agents, and greater job satisfaction.
  • A no pressure sales environment – Receive bonuses based on client satisfaction. We don’t use “closing techniques” including creating urgency. Our first priority is to our clients, then to new business.

You’re Expected to Provide:

  • An total unwavering commitment to the highest levels of customer service, ethics, integrity, and an attitude of consulting the client first. You’re expected to inform and educate clients, not deliver a sales pitch.
  • Excellent written and spoken etiquette.
  • A solid high-speed Internet connection that will support business-grade VoIP calls (if working from home).
  • One or more full-time years as a P&C agent (if working from home), and able to demonstrate proficiency right out of the gate. We’ll teach you how to use our software, but a complete understanding of the products sold is a requirement due to the nature of working remotely. Designations earned can be used to offset some experience on a case-by-case basis.
  • A professional, secure, and quite place to conduct business at your home that is free from distractions and/or may cause a client to question the agency’s credibility (if working from home).
  • Desire to assist clients in placing appropriate insurance products over the phone or in person at our office, and of course licensed to do so.
  • Licensed in one or more of the following states: MI, MN, and/or WI. (agency is also licensed in NC, OR, and TX, albeit with very limited markets at this time)

What you're NOT expected to do:

  • Cold call all day and hope to find clients that want to speak with you. We perform very little cold calling, it's usually a waste of time unless there's a specific reason to do so.
  • Create urgency or pressure on clients to sell products. Great service and doing the "right thing" feels and pays better.
  • Work 9-5 everyday if you don't want to. You can select whatever hours and days that works best for you and your schedule.
  • Call every friend and relative you know and ask them to buy insurance. We have plenty of people that want to receive proposals from you, and after your clients experience fantastic service, they'll tell others to talk to you as well.


Agent Track

We know that once you're fully trained in, if you provide great service, you will begin making money the first week you're speaking with clients. Also, because we know our insurance partners are competitive, we're also confident enough to compensate you for every proposal provided, even without a sale.

Management Track

All the benefits of the Agent’s track, plus if you picture yourself as a leader and know others who would make a great fit, you can quickly begin earning a manager’s override.

Qualifications and Skills

Licensed in Property and Casualty. Life and health is highly desirable as well.


The potential to earn well above your friends and neighbors' income.

Job Type: Commission



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