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Fast Response To Leads Is Vitally Important to Sales

If your buying leads, and specifically internet based leads (internet based isn't the salient point here, the key is leads that are proactively in the market to buy your product or service), multiple contacts are needed to ensure you're given a fair chance at articulating your Read More

Small Business Insurance, What Are The Chances You Will Use It?

As a commercial insurance agent, I'm reminded often that most business owners don't believe there's a good chance that they ever use the insurance they buy. Because of that feeling, it's often not so much of a risk transfer strategy for businesses buying insurance, Read More

Google Will Give Your Site a Free Ranking Boost If You Secure Your Site

In the increasingly competitive world of internet and social media marketing, any chance to increase your site’s ranking on Google for free needs to be exploited. Recently, Google announced that it would boost the search result rankings of websites that are totally secure using Read More