Everyone Loves a Massage, Especially Me and My Furry Friend In the Video

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I have no idea what type of animal this is, but he seems pretty happy (until the massage stops). There's little doubt he should be starring in a kid's movie soon.

Look at his hands and eyes….Too Funny!!

One thing is for sure, everyone loves a massage.

Insurance isn't stressful, but when I'm trading stocks and options, I have found myself trekking down to Body Focus sometimes more than once a week. I started going there around 2007 and I think they're rated the number one place in the Chippewa Valley. It wouldn't surprise me because they're awesome and friendly. If you're not in Eau Claire and you haven't tried a massage before, find the best place you can and give it a try. I usually get a deep tissue massage and admittedly, when they crank-down with pressure, it can have me wondering if that was the right choice, but afterwards, my muscles feel better and mentally I'm more alert and refreshed. For first-timer's, I would not suggest a deep-tissue unless you know what you're asking for. 

By far, my favorite is my neck, shoulders, and head. It's not that I don't enjoy massaging my arms and legs, but an hour goes by really fast so I have to prioritize. Once in a while, I get a two-hour massage. That's about as long as I want, and while I haven't booked a session beyond a two-hour massage to know for sure, I'm thinking I'll quickly run into diminishing returns. Two hours is perfect because you don't feel like your session ends five minutes after you arrive. And believe me, when you're on a massage table, 60 minutes does seemingly go by as quickly as five minutes. 

I know most places offer 30 minute sessions, but I can't get my head wrapped around the idea of driving all the way there and then leaving about 30 minutes later. Way too fast and not enough time to fully relax and decompress from life's stresses. 

For a final thought, there's a huge difference between someone trained and someone trying to learn the craft. Nothing's worse than trying to save a few dollars and leaving with the feeling it was a total waste of time and money. So if Body Focus isn't near you, and if you're reading this, it's as likely that it's not because I service multiple states, make sure you go to a top-rated place. If not always, at least once so you can experience the difference.



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