ZipGripGo Gets You On Your Way When Stuck in Snow – Without Sand and Shovel

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I can't wait to see this product in action. I don't think it's available now, but looks very interesting. 

It's no fun being stuck in the snow. If you live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, the chances of getting stuck at least once is almost certain. Some friends I know have a knack for getting stuck once or more every year (I won't name names because I want them to remain friends). While the cost of a set is cheaper than a tow truck, you may not always have quick access to a tow. 

ZipGripGo advertises that it only takes five minutes to install. That probably depends on how deep the snow is and if you happen to have a highly trained NASCAR pit crew in your back seat. Regardless, even 30 minutes from the time you find the pack in your trunk (look in the back under the carpet, that's where important things in my trunk I'm looking for tend to hide), and put them on is faster than calling and waiting for a tow truck that is likely having a very busy day pulling others out of the same snow storm.

It's not just for snow and ice though. The makers say it works wonderfully well in mud also. That certainly increases the potential market for it.

Another solution I found is called the Trac Grabber. Maybe not as easy (maybe easier??) to secure to your tire(s), but appears to do the job when you're stuck.



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