Leaders in non-emergent telehealth and serious illness medical second opinion announce integration of best-in-class services

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BOSTON, June 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WorldCare International, Inc. and 1.800MD, LLC, market leaders in their respective fields, today announce an agreement to integrate services. Their combined healthcare platform includes their respective best-in-class serious illness medical second opinion and telehealth services, delivering a seamless workflow between treatment for routine acute care and serious illness medical second opinions. There is an undeniable value of serious illness second opinion services and the need for bundled solutions such as this in order to improve outcomes and reduce costs by addressing needs along the continuum of care.

This integrated healthcare platform offers a one-stop solution for clients to reduce costs and improve outcomes. The innovative services included offer virtual assistance to those seeking non-emergent, telemedicine consultations or those recently diagnosed with serious illness such as cancer or facing disability. As bookend services along the continuum of care, the combined platform includes WorldCare’s gold-standard serious illness medical second opinion service, which addresses the five percent of cases that account for more than 95 percent of healthcare costs and 1.800MD’s telemedicine service for non-emergent care, which drives utilization and significantly reduces urgent care costs by providing treatment in the most convenient, lowest-cost setting.

As the only multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary medical consultation company in the market today, WorldCare’s patient-centric, comprehensive team approach virtually replicates today’s best practices in medicine, reducing misdiagnosis. With more than 24 years of global serious illness medical second opinion experience, WorldCare was recently recognized as one of the 10 top most promising telemedicine solution providers in 2017 by Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine. In a study published by The Center of Healthcare Informatics at Tennessee Tech. University, of second opinion cases completed by WorldCare, 26 percent resulted in a change in diagnosis and 75 percent resulted in alternative treatment plan recommendations, showing the direct impact of the service.

Nasser Menhall, CEO and Co-founder of WorldCare International, Inc., shared, “The long-term value of providing serious illness medical second medical opinions to the global market has been proven and by bundling our service with 1.800MD’s telehealth service we are able to deliver a solution, which meets our clients’ needs and delivers results.”

Andy Jacobson, Founder and CEO of 1.800MD, LLC shared, “As healthcare costs continue to rise, and access to care, whether routine or complex becomes more difficult, integrated best-in-class virtual services like 1.800MD’s and WorldCare’s are a must-have component of any employers benefit package. People need access to low-cost, attentive, quality care like the services we have come together to offer to our clients.”

This bundled service platform is available globally via 1.800MD or WorldCare.

About WorldCare International, Inc.

WorldCare’s mission is to improve healthcare outcomes of patients worldwide by connecting our clients to the foremost medical experts at top-ranked U.S. hospitals. WorldCare fulfills its mission by using a unique disease management approach to serious illness, which digitally recreates the experience of a patient walking into the leading medical institutions in the United States, providing the highest-touch coaching, virtual medical solutions and services available worldwide. To learn more visit www.worldcare.com.

About 1.800MD

1.800MD is one of the oldest and largest telemedicine companies nationally. Privately held and management owned, 1.800MD specializes in convenient, quality medical care for individuals, families, employers, groups and others. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, 1.800MD complements employer benefits packages and is an accessible and inexpensive alternative for common ailments. With board-certified physicians in all 50 states, those in need can obtain diagnosis, treatment and prescriptions where necessary, through the convenience of a telephone or digital communications. For more information, please visit www.1800md.com.

Contact: Tina Karas, Vice President, MarketingWorldCare International, Inc. P: 617.250.5142E: tkaras@worldcare.comContact: Liz Kepley, Marketing Coordinator 1.800MD, LLCP: 704.247-9196E: lkepley@1800md.com



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