No Pressure Insurance Sales. Buy Life Insurance Without The High-Pressure Sales Pitch

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Buying life insurance or any other kind of insurance should never be in a high pressure sales environment. In fact, the first step in buying life insurance should be a needs analysis to see if you should buy any, how much, and what type if any life insurance fits your goals and objectives. Term-Life insurance may be the best option for you, or maybe an indexed based universal life policy is best. Don't let anyone who doesn't know your financial situation in detail tell you what kind you should or should not have because they don't know.

You will never receive a high pressure life insurance or any other type of insurance sales presentation from 1 Reason Insurance, because that's not in your best interest, and we don't operate outside of what's in our client's best interest.If after going through the needs-based analysis you the client haven't asked to buy (compared to a salesperson trying to close a sale), then maybe you're not fully convinced of the merits, how it will improve your situation, or the need. If you're not fully convinced, it seems silly to 1 Reason Insurance to sell it.

If you've had a life-changing event, such as a marriage, child, new job, retirement, home purchase, or the many other myriad of life's experiences and feel buying a life insurance policy may be right for you, give us a call. We'll perform a needs-based analysis with you and see what if any level of life insurance coverage is appropriate. By performing an analysis, you may discover that a life insurance policy is a better fit for your objectives than a straight long-term care insurance policy. New hybrid life insurance policies with long-term care riders can eliminate the "use it or lose it" fear that often accompanies a standalone long-term care policy. The concept is relatively simple – whatever amounts aren't used for long-term care are used to pay a death benefit to someone.

Long-term care riders are just one of the many reasons why it's so vitally important for the average person to seek the help of a financial professional and take the time to "get it right". Is there ever enough time in the day? Of course not and finding the time isn't always an easy task, but if you don't take the time to do it right when putting the plan into place, where is the time going to come from fixing the problems later?

If you have a policy already and simply want to confirm your current life insurance is the best fit, call and let's set a time to get together and take a look. With so much at stake, it's silly not to.




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