List of Changes I Want to Make to SuiteCRM

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Just a list of things I want to edit/change and/or improve with SuiteCRM for my own purpose of remembering as I come across them. In no particular order, and if you're reading this and know of the way, I would greatly appreciate learning your solution.

SuiteCRM is good software, especially for the price, but some things aren't "fully baked" and I get the impression the designers didn't have to use it, or didn't care about efficiency/productivity with some of the choices made. Here's my list in no particular order (I just write them as they come to me so I can have my admin review, hire someone or fix them myself).

In the module builder, (adding fields), add a Category of any given field and have it in the list display. ALSO have the date/time created in the list so any given field is easy to find when it was just made.

Eliminate the extra mouse click to add an attachment to emails from within the CRM

Add a check box to sync from layouts edit view to Quickcreate, similar to "Sync to DetailView". 

Lists from the top navigational bar (including "all") should be alphabetized, AND

All lists that don't have a sort feature should automatically get sorted by name

Drop and paste docs into any module.



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