SuiteCRM Can’t Login After Upgrade To 7.9.8 Using SuitePImproved Theme

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****UPDATE – There is a new compatible SuitePImproved that does work with the new 7.9.8 update.


After my session expired, I wasn't able to login to SuiteCRM. Each attempt left me at the login screen with the words "invalid username or password."

Even after manually going into the MySQL to edit the password based on the following instructions from

If you have access to the SugarCRM database, I would recommend executing these database queries, which should help address the issue:

update users set user_hash = 'b5bb02a0461f8b7748c2166042e927a5' where id = '1';

update users set status = 'Active' where id = '1';

update users set user_name = 'admin' where id ='1';

This updates the Users table, making the following changes:

1. Change the password of user with ID = 1 to Sug@r$RM

2. Make the user with ID = 1 'Active', so they are able to login with the new password.

3. Change the Username to 'admin' for user with ID = 1.

These queries should allow you to access the application, then you can change the Username and Password as needed.

The problem and solution was to remove SuitePImproved Theme, and go back to the SuiteP theme. I manually changed the config_override.php file on line 49 and 50 (on my suitecrm, and I did so by finding the line with "SuitePImproved" and not by looking for the line number) to the following:

49  $sugar_config[‘default_theme’] = 'SuiteP';

50  $sugar_config[‘disabled_themes’] = 'SuitePImproved';

I was stuck back in the SuiteP "eye test" theme, albeit at least myself and staff are able to access the SuiteCRM program again. The problem appears to be "something" in the SuitePImproved theme's handing off the username and password to the database for check. That's a very basic overview obviously of the issue, albeit I intend to make my own "suitepimproved" (maybe I'll call it "SuitePBob"), so I no longer feel like I need a new set of glasses when using the SuiteCRM. I made so many changes to the SuitePImproved theme as it is, that it didn't really look like it did at the start anyway.



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