Adult Store and Novelty General Liability and Workers’ Comp Insurance

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Adult retail sales is tough enough without having concerns over general liability, workers' comp, and property insurance making things more complicated. We offer insurance solutions to the adult industry that are designed with your requirements and needs in mind. Not only are we easily able to write coverage, we have industry knowledge that separates our insurance agency from most. 

If you're a professional in the adult retail industry and want the following insurance coverage, you owe it to yourself to give us a call and see what a difference it can make when you're speaking with an insurance agent that understands your business:

General Liability

Rented Premises

Abuse and Sexual Harassment

Workers' Compensation

Building Coverage

Commercial Auto

Bonds for Licensing

Inventory and Business Personal Property

If you hire exotic dancers on a sub-contract basis, you probably already know that in many places, the dancers are pushing back on their sub-contracted status and winning. If you don't know, you certainly want to. For example, it's reported that dancers in 2012 sued the clubs they worked in contending the clubs had improperly classified the workers as independent contractors instead of employees (along with failing to pay minimum wage). After the dancers won an award of over $200,000, the club(s) appealed. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled against the clubs. You can read more about the case and outcome HERE

In Florida, the same thing as reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

If the club owners don't have coverage for employment practices, they're on their own defending the lawsuits. In other words, don't count on a basic general liability or workers' compensation policy to protect you. Also, It's no surprise that defending a lawsuit up to and including the U.S. Court of Appeals at the federal level can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. The point being, you want an agent and agency that understands your business, is willing to take the time to understand your particular company's nuances, and has the business experience to understand risks you may not have even thought of.

There's actually nothing unique about the adult industry when it comes to independent contractors suing, but it illustrates a point that when it comes to protecting your livelihood, choosing the right insurance agency to work with can make all the difference in the world.

If you operate:

Adult Shop

Gentlemen's clubs

Video Production



Online Adult Business

We're the right insurance agency for your exotic business. We offer coverage and service to many states including Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, Wisconsin, and others




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