Starting a Business? New LLC Consulting Package $249 with 6 Months QuickBooks and Much More

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Do you want to start a new business and not sure what steps to take or feeling overwhelmed with the process?

I have over 25 years of business experience that includes several startups, buying existing operations, and selling businesses. During that time I've had failures (learned the most from my mistakes) and success that has provided a level of experience that you simply can't gain from a book. 

This is a risk-free offer. If you don't feel you received more than you paid for, I'll give you a full refund, and your only cost is the normal QuickBooks’ subscription costs if any.

What you receive:

State Entity – Step by step instructions on filling out LLC or INC state forms (it's relatively easy and if you're feeling intimidated, you'll be happily surprised how quick and simple the process is). Before you do so, we'll discuss if it makes financial sense to do so (it doesn't always).

Federal ID – Obtaining your new business social security number, called a Federal Employer Identification Number (normally referred to as an EIN). Regardless of your business entity, including a sole proprietorship, you'll want to replace using your own social security number.

Accounting Setup – You'll have a choice between TWO online accounting solutions, Choice A is a free subscription offer (works great for the more modest businesses), and choice B is QuickBooks, the number one most widely used small business accounting solution. I'll help you select the right solution for your expected requirements. Once selected, we'll walk you through the process of setting up the accounts, entering in clients, invoices, receipts, receiving payments, making payments, and other activities so that either you'll be able to do your own bookkeeping, or you'll have a better understanding if you outsource your bookkeeping/accounting.

Commercial Property – Assistance with lease and/or building purchase for your new business. If your business will require commercial space, myself or a team member will help you negotiate with lessors or property sellers. I've personally bought and sold many rental and income producing properties and reviewed (or wrote) hundreds of leases and offers to purchase. 

As a licensed real estate broker for over 20 years, gain the confidence that comes from having an experienced professional on your side.

Marketing Insights – One of the most significant challenges facing new businesses is achieving "lift off," and generating enough revenue to sustain and grow the business. This is an area where you will really receive value. You'll receive step-by-step instructions on how to let the world know about your business, including many highly effective and free strategies that other successful business people utilize. Most advertising isn't a good value and some is a complete waste of money, I'll help you decide where to focus your attention, and explain why many businesses don't need to spend any money advertising, and still grow their business.

Pricing Your Product/Service – Insight with pricing, an area that creates a huge amount of anxiety for many new business owners.

Customer Service – Why customer satisfaction matters if you want to stay in business, and how to measure and improve on your delivery to your clients.

Hiring Employees – If you're a first-time employer, I'll describe and provide a roadmap on best-practices for hiring, including regulatory requirements, how to obtain a UIAN (Unemployment Insurance Account Number) with the state, what you need to know for workers' compensation insurance, payroll options (including free and paid online payroll processing options).

Insurance – If your type of business requires, and/or you want to know the benefits and costs of business insurance, you'll receive advice on what options and coverages are available. You'll learn the limits of your homeowner's and personal auto coverage and why you may not have coverage you think you have.

Importing – What to expect and a better understanding of profit potential, albeit most of all, a better understanding of some of the “gotchas” to avoid. If you’re considering importing from China, I have years of experience consulting and actual importation from the “Middle Kingdom.” My experience includes over 100 factory tours from dozens of areas

Resources Available – Help with finding what other resources are available to help you grow your business. Sometimes, just knowing where to quickly find help is a valuable time saver so you can focus on building your business, instead of searching for information.

Questions Answered – If you’re new to business, or not new, albeit wanting someone in your corner, so you’re not having to figure out everything yourself



“I work 9-5 daily, what times are available?” – As a rule, after business hours and weekends work just as well, and sometimes even better than during the day. It’s not a hard rule, albeit I suggest about 7 PM to begin an initial conversation because they normally go well over an hour. When we talk, you’ll quickly realize I like what I do, and I love helping new business people get up and running. The time generally goes by fast. Also, it's more of a reflection of what's best for you, as higher level thoughts tend to challenge even the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs. 

“I see you’re a licensed insurance agent and real estate broker, am I going to receive a high-pressure sale’s pitch to buy insurance, real estate, or anything else?” – No, and let me be very clear on this point, you’re paying for consulting, not a sales pitch, and you’ll never feel as if you walked on a used car lot where the sale’s person is ready to “close you.” If I don’t believe insurance is a viable option because of costs, risk, or any other reason, I’ll let you know just as quickly as if not. If you want insurance, albeit want to obtain it from your friend, brother, sister-in-law, ex-girlfriend, or anyone else, that’s perfectly fine. Same holds true with real estate. In fact, reviewing a lease along with any given location’s viability is part of the offer.

“What other identifiable credibility can you demonstrate?” – I’ve written over 1000 published articles. You can find my opinions and insight on the most widely read business and finance websites, syndicated to newspapers, and my Twitter following is a whos-who of Wall Street. You can review a small sample of my portfolio here —  >  You’re also welcome to examine my online reviews and I can provide references for existing clients. 

My primary website is and even if you’re not ready to hire me, with 100s of pages of content, you can find a wealth of information on starting and building your new business.

“What happens after the 6 months of QuickBooks is up?” – You’ll have the option to continue with your subscription at a discounted rate (for example, the “Plus” subscription is $50/month directly from QuickBooks, albeit we offer a discounted amount of $39.99/month). No long-term contract, quit any time.

“Are you a lawyer?” – Nope, I don’t provide legal advice, albeit I can show you how to speak with an attorney at no cost, and/or direct you to attorneys that focus on business law at a discount.

“Will you help me write a business plan?” – While it depends, generally that’s outside the scope of the service I provide because of a combination of two things. One, they tend to be highly time intensive, and you can receive this help elsewhere for little or no cost. In other words, after you have your plan, and you want to execute it, I’m the person for you. That said, for free, I’m happy to provide direction on where you can receive help developing your business plan. 

If you want to know more, simply give me a call 715-598-9924 or send an email to

Insurance NPN license 6514999 in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Texas, Oregon, and North Carolina. Real estate licensed 49079 in Wisconsin




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