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Webmin Easy Install Script for Centos

This is really for myself, as I need to install Webmin from time to time and hate looking up this easy script to install it automatically. If you use the following, please let me know in the comments and I'll maintain and update as required for others too. Oh, and Read More

Importing Clients Into SuiteCRM Using XML

I want to create a road map on how to automatically import lead and client data into SuiteCRM and this will be the working article I use to record my progress, and reference later. Currently, the plan is to create a sub domain that all lead data will first go to for scrubing Read More

SuiteCRM Change the Top Menu Bar List and Dropdowns

I've struggled to remember where in the admin the top menu bar editor is, and so I've written this post so I can refer to it instead of searching and searching for it. It's actually quite simple (IF) you know where to find it.  Admin --> Under Read More

Installing SuiteCRM 7.8.10 LTS After Giving Up On SuiteCRM 7.9.9

After beating my head over one issue after another with SuiteCRM 7.9.9, and I might add a serious look at SalesForce again, and for the first time, a very hard look at Microsoft Dynamics 365. I'll even admit in a moment of weakness, I gave some consideration to a Read More

List of Changes I Want to Make to SuiteCRM

Just a list of things I want to edit/change and/or improve with SuiteCRM for my own purpose of remembering as I come across them. In no particular order, and if you're reading this and know of the way, I would greatly appreciate learning your solution. SuiteCRM is good Read More

SuiteCRM installing New Modules Problem Solved

SuiteCRM installing New Modules Error "Specified directory '' for zip file 'upload://upgrades/module/' extraction does not exist." including a log file error of "...[FATAL] ERROR: rmdir_recursive(): Read More