Is Worker’s Compensation Required In Minnesota

I get asked often about when worker's compensation is required and the general answer is anytime there's an employee working. The employee can be part-time, full-time, seasonal, your sister's cousin visiting, or most other non-officers/owners that you can think of. In Read More

Oklahoma Beheading Victim’s Husband Receives $100,000 Award

Alton Nolen police mug shot. Charged with first degree murder in OK

An Oklahoma Worker's Compensation Commission administrative law judge approved a $100,000 death benefit to KC Hufford, the widower of Colleen Hufford. Mr. Hufford also will receive $418 a week for the rest of his life, unless he remarries according to and other sources. Read More

How Not To Unload a Truck

After eight years of importing and warehouse experience, I certainly can see how this can happen. That said, he must have forgotten that simply pulling the release would have dropped the load and stopped the fall. Ouch... RW Google+ Read More