Eaton Vance Earnings Preview For Tuesday

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Background:  Eaton Vance Corp.'s (EV) principal business is creating, marketing and managing investment funds and providing investment management and counseling services to institutions and individuals.The Company conducts its investment management and counseling business through two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Eaton Vance Management and Boston Management and Research.The Company's growth has resulted from its ability to develop, offer successfully and manage effectively new funds and to increase the assets of existing Eaton Vance Funds.

The next fourth-quarter earnings promises to be a good one if the company meets or beats estimates. Shareholders and analysts alike are hoping for an improvement of 9 cents above the same period last year's 55 cents per share results. If the mean estimate proves correct, expect the company to report 64 cents a share.

62 cents is the lowest analyst estimate I have examined, and they reach up to 66 cents per share. I will let you be the judge of who is right or wrong.

Distributes $1.00 a year in dividends for a yield of 2.4%. 

Most of the analysts are bestowing this company a hold rating. 7 out of 13 are now rendering a hold recommendation. 3 recommend this as a buy and 3 recommend selling.

Investors haven't made progress this year. Shares in the company have fallen 4% from a year ago. The average analyst target price for is $41.83.

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