Our Standard of Care and What You Can Expect from 1 Reason Insurance

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In the insurance world (at least in the states I'm licensed), the guiding standard and requirement is to offer an appropriate solution. Sometimes, a presented solution is not necessarily the best solution. Insurance and financial professionals have latitude to present  solutions that may fit, but because of the compensation, are offered first, and/or highlighted over what most would consider the best solution.
As long as a presented solution it's appropriate and reasonable, it passes muster. 
I have a higher standard that I operate 1 Reason Insurance with. 
I pledge I and everyone working at 1 Reason will always offer and highlight what is believes to be the best solution I/we have available, regardless of the compensation.
In a nutshell, 1 Reason Insurance uses the "mom test", making sure moms and wives are proud of how people are treated.



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