Workers’ Comp Deposit Premium Too High? We Offer Pay-As-You-Go Plans

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If high workers' compensation insurance deposit premiums are putting a bite into your cash flow, we have a pay-as-you-go plan with only 10% down.

Workers' Comp insurance assigned risk plans, commonly called "pool" polices have huge down payment requirements normally. If you rather place a 10% deposit instead of 25% or more often required by traditional assigned risk, and some voluntary  plans, ask how we can lower your payroll processing cost while actually adding more time-saving value, and help your cash-flow at the start of every workers' comp renewal.

How does it work?

  • Start or move your payroll processing to 1 Reason
  • Get a proposal for workers' comp that acceptable
  • We submit the information to facilitate a pay-as-you-go premium financing quote
  • Once the premium financing agreement is signed, you pay 10% of the premium upfront, plus any fees if any. The balance from the financing company is collected and then the policy is paid in full to the carrier.
  • 1 Reason will connect the payroll reporting software to the financing company.
  • When you approve the payroll, the correct amount is withdrawn directly for your bank account for the workers' comp payment for each pay period.
  • Assigned risk (pool insurance policies) and standard voluntary workers' comp policies are both acceptable



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