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Is Worker’s Compensation Required In Minnesota

I get asked often about when worker's compensation is required and the general answer is anytime there's an employee working. The employee can be part-time, full-time, seasonal, your sister's cousin visiting, or most other non-officers/owners that you can think of. In Read More

Difference Between Basic, Broad, and Special Form Insurance Coverages

When you're shopping for the best value for your personal or commercial insurance requirements, you may notice that some insurance coverages specify basic, while others may offer special or broad peril coverage. The differences are significant and when trying to make an Read More

Google Will Give Your Site a Free Ranking Boost If You Secure Your Site

In the increasingly competitive world of internet and social media marketing, any chance to increase your site’s ranking on Google for free needs to be exploited. Recently, Google announced that it would boost the search result rankings of websites that are totally secure using Read More

Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage For Your Business Data

inside of hard drive with arm and spindle displayed

Just about any organization that has a web presence or uses technology to create efficencies face cyber risk. State and national borders no longer provide a geographic level of protection business owners once enjoyed. Now your risk comes from anywhere in the world with Read More

Occurrence vs. Claims-Made Insurance Coverage


Claims-made versus Occurrence insurance policies are the two types of insurance coverage that you're likely to see. The two types may not seem that far different than each other, but in the real world, the differences can mean the difference between having coverage and being left Read More