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Your Form 1099 is Wrong – How to Challenge and Notify The IRS

How to challenge and correct an error on a 1099 tax form If you receive income other than W-2 wages from your job, you’ll receive a 1099 form at the end of the year. Companies and people who pay you report income you receive to the Internal Revenue Service and to you Read More

Free Online Accounting Software For Your Business


  One of the many wonderful things offered online is free software. Everything from word processing to the software that powers this website. For businesses, there has never been a time where owners can be more productive for less money than today. One powerful business Read More

Get an Unemployment Insurance Account Number (UIAN) in Minnesota

According to Minnesota's Unemployment Insurance Program's website, If you want to hire employees, and as part of a workers' compensation policy, Minnesota employers are required to register and receive an unemployment insurance account number (UIAN). Unemployment Read More

Unemployment Insurance Requirements for Wisconsin – UIAN

For many employers in Wisconsin, receiving an Unemployment Insurance Account Number from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development is a requirement. The rules and laws change from time-to-time, so make sure you check with the state before making a determination if you as an Read More

Keep Your Business/Tax Related Receipts Even If You Don’t Want To

Keeping some tax related receipts forever is becoming the norm. Back in 1913, after the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment (we have President Wilson to thank), few could have imagined how intrusive income taxes would become into our everyday lives. Now, you can consider Read More

Income Tax Options for Your Limited Liability Company – LLC

View from Driver's Seat

LLC owners have four distinct tax options for their LLCs. Knowing which road to take may have a huge impact on your income tax liability. LLCs are definitely the rage. My majority of my business insurance clients in Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin are using a Limited Read More