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What clients have to say:

Mike T. "I started a business last year and Robert responded to my inquiries immediately, and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable as to the type of insurance coverages I would need to get started. Now its been a year and he now carries All of my coverages! Absolutely the most hands on agent I've ever worked with but hands down the friendliest! I can call him anytime and never feel rushed and not only that but he responded while on a family vacation. I believe in relationships in business and so does Robert by the way he treats his customers. I have a true friend in the business, thank you Robert!"

Lynn R. "Bob is very knowledgeable and has always done a great job explaining different aspects of coverage. He is very accessible and looks out for what is best for the consumer. We highly recommend him!

Justin T. "Excellent agent, always available for answers to insurance related questions. Bob, is the person most people strive to become. Without a doubt, a great person!"

Sebastian T. "I can not begin to tell you how pleased I am with 1 Reason Insurance ! Their responding services is friendly and complete. For the services my company offers to the public it is sure nice to know that we are covered for a reasonable fee. Just having (1 R I ) 1 Reason Insurance there is such piece of mind ! Their insurance plans are strait to the point and easy to understand.
Thanks for the great service 1 Reason Insurance !"

Jeff H. "Very nice and cares about the customer! He was literally the reason why i chose him over other companies for my insurance"

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Business Insurance Audit Letter, Why Did I Get One and Do I Have To Fill It Out?

What is this commercial insurance audit letter I received in the mail, and do I have to complete it? When a business general liability or professional liability policy is nearing renewal (generally about 10 or 11 months into a year policy), and sometimes when an insurance policy is written and put into place insurance carriers send an audit letter(s). Usually, in a typical contractor's insurance policy, an inspection is performed at the beginning and not an audit I Read More

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How To Start a Party Bus Business

Starting a party bus business encompasses many of the same requirements as any business, namely knowing the industry, understanding marketing, being able to properly price your product, scheduling, and of course the big one, customer service. Again, I want to emphasize the importance of customer service. You can have everything perfect, the right bus, the right price, the right availability, and if you fail at customer service, especially in the beginning when your reputation is most Read More

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Hiring a Subcontractor, What You Need To Know For Insurance

Moving from a one person band to having employees and/or subcontractors working with you can be a significant and unexpected change for many business owners. On one hand, with more people, larger and sometimes more profitable contracts can be earned, and having other hands on the job can make quicker and more efficient work when do correctly. Like most things in life, the upside to having people work for you doesn't come without its fair share of drawbacks. Recruiting quality Read More

Money and a calculator, online small business accounting for the self-employed

Self-Employed Contractor Bookkeeping Including Online Accounting Software

Self-Employed Contractor Online Bookkeeping Service For the Single Member LLC All your typical self-employed bookkeeping requirements including your Federal Schedule C for only $79.95 a month.     If you're a self-employed contractor working for a 1099, you're already busy working a full work week, and if you're like most, the last thing you want to do is learn how to perform bookkeeping at the end of a long day. Read More

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Payroll Service for Small Businesses Employers

Small Business Payroll Service from 1 Reason Payroll You're busy enough running your business, the last thing you want is to learn another skillset that you won't use enough to justify your time, money, and energy learning. Besides, accounting mistakes can cost you much more than any amount saved. Payroll Services With Time Clock One Employee : $25.99 USD - monthlyTwo Employees : $32.99 USD - monthlyThree Read More

2017 I-9 – Employment Eligibility Verification Download For New Employees

2017 I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification Download For New Employees Here's the form for your easy download ----->   I-9 Fillable Form     I-9 Paper Version For Printing If you want a W-4 form, click HERE   And to learn more about W-4 Forms, Click HERE Form I-9 is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of people hired for employment in the United States. All U.S. employers are required to ensure Read More

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10 Reasons Why You’re Losing Sales That You Might Have Made

In a world of online shopping and the greatest price transparency ever, it may seem logical that price is what drives a buyer's decision making, but some things never change, and one of them is price isn't the most important factor in a buyer's mind. Many salespeople seem to forget, or maybe they never understood in the first place that price, and especially the lowest price can actually work against you. Having the lowest price signals to the buyer that your offer is Read More

JLT Specialty USA Announces Appointment of Ted Dobos as Leader, West Coast M&A Group

SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JLT Specialty USA, a U.S. subsidiary of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc. (LSE:JLT), the leading global specialist risk advisor and broker, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ted Dobos as Executive Vice President, Leader of JLT’s West Coast M&A practice. Joining JLT Specialty USA's rapidly growing team, Dobos will play a pivotal role in serving Private Equity and Strategic clients with JLT’s mergers and acquisitions solutions. Read More