Unemployment Insurance Requirements for Wisconsin – UIAN

For many employers in Wisconsin, receiving an Unemployment Insurance Account Number from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development is a requirement. The rules and laws change from time-to-time, so make sure you check with the state before making a determination if you as an Read More

How To Start a Limited Liability Company LLC In Minnesota


If you're thinking of starting a business or changing your sole proprietorship into an LLC, you most likely have a name for your business. If not you will want to think of one that you believe will capture what your business is about. All Limited Liability Companies, more Read More

A Few Rules For Construction Site Protective Equipment

Individual safety gear (PPE) is your final defense against injuries. Contact with greater sound, possibly harmful gases and fluids, and objects ejected from work processes is often an daily event. Guarding your wellbeing and protection is dependent upon your attitude and being sure Read More

What is Waiver of Subrogation Insurance Endorsement

Waiver of subrogation is when one party (usually an insurance company) gives up the right to recover a paid loss against another party in the event a loss occurs. In order to fully understand what Waiver of Subrogation is, let's look at the parts. Waiver - Abandoning, Read More

Starting a Corporation or Limited Liability Company In Wisconson

Starting a Corporation or Limited Liability Company In Wisconsin and receiving a federal employer identification number isn't very difficult if you know where to find the forms and state information.  I provide so many people with links to the various Read More

Small Business Insurance, What Are The Chances You Will Use It?

As a commercial insurance agent, I'm reminded often that most business owners don't believe there's a good chance that they ever use the insurance they buy. Because of that feeling, it's often not so much of a risk transfer strategy for businesses buying insurance, Read More

What is Excess & Surplus Lines Insurance?

Insurance policies, and especially business insurance policies are often categorized as admitted or non-admitted insurance. Other terms for non-admitted insurance policies are excess and surplus, E&S, surplus, and surplus lines. An admitted insurance policy is one that Read More

Is Worker’s Compensation Required In Minnesota

I get asked often about when worker's compensation is required and the general answer is anytime there's an employee working. The employee can be part-time, full-time, seasonal, your sister's cousin visiting, or most other non-officers/owners that you can think of. In Read More

Difference Between Basic, Broad, and Special Form Insurance Coverages

When you're shopping for the best value for your personal or commercial insurance requirements, you may notice that some insurance coverages specify basic, while others may offer special or broad peril coverage. The differences are significant and when trying to make an Read More

Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage For Your Business Data

inside of hard drive with arm and spindle displayed

Just about any organization that has a web presence or uses technology to create efficencies face cyber risk. State and national borders no longer provide a geographic level of protection business owners once enjoyed. Now your risk comes from anywhere in the world with Read More